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이젠 잃어버렸던 나를 찾겠어

Happy Birthday Bang Yongguk (방용국)/ItsBYGday! (≧◡≦)

31st March 2014: another year, another special day. One of my favourite days during my favourite month infact! For Yongguk’s birthday, I would usually roll up some cheese and paste it into some kind of song. Unfortunately due to time circumstances and lack of creative motivation, I wasn’t able to do the same this year (╥_╥). However, I really wanted to find another way to make his birthday special with a personal touch. As BABYs may already know, Yongguk has always expressed how important it is to look out for those around you, to care for those in need and to be aware of how we can change our ways of thinking and our actions in order to make the world a better place. Therefore, this year I have donated to a charity called ‘SPORTS RELIEF' in Yongguk's name and in his birthday package which I sent off a few weeks ago (see picture above), I have included - a letter of thanks addressed to him from the charity, a small information guide, stickers, balloons, a wristband, a birthday card and a handwritten letter from me.

I really want to give a huge, special thanks to the Sports Relief team for everything they did to make my birthday gift to Yongguk possible. They were so helpful, patient and lovely with my inquiries and I’m very proud of all of the hard work they continue to do each year for the UK and around the world!

This is what I wrote in my letter to my favourite person in the whole wide world:

'Earth needs more people like 방용국.’

Dear Yongguk,

I am writing to you to wish you well on your birthday!

When I entered my twenties, I started to view life in a different way. I wanted to become a better person and create my own happiness. It was around the actual same time when B.A.P came into my life, and that was instantly an improvement on myself and my smile. Through B.A.P, I became more aware of people around me; family, friends, even strangers. I try to do my best and help as much as I can and be thankful with what I have. I’m not in my dream job but with the money I earn from it, I give to my family or treat my friends when they are sad.

During my childhood and teenage years, school taught me the importance of charity and helping others. The schools I attended would fundraise for charities in the UK like ‘Comic Relief' and 'Children In Need’. I am very regretful that I had forgotten this lesson and act of kindness through my adult years but thanks to you Yongguk, I was able to remember.

March is a very important month to me. Not only is it the month of yours, my little sister’s and our birthdays, it is also the month where the UK holds a yearly charity event called ‘SPORTS RELIEF’. Throughout this month, lots of individuals whether by themselves or in groups took part in sports activities to raise money in their neighbourhoods. Through ‘SPORTS RELIEF’, their donations and fundraising goes to those in need around the United Kingdom and other countries such as Peru and Malawi.

With encouragement from B.A.P and fellow BABYs, I have made a donation on your birthday, in your name to ‘SPORTS RELIEF’.

You saved me Yongguk and I can only hope that from now on, I can do the same for others. To B.A.P, Earth needs EMOTION, JUSTICE, PASSION, LOVE, US (You) and HAPPINESS but personally to me, Earth needs more people like Bang Yongguk.

Thank you for everything and have a wonderful birthday!

Stay smiling Yonggrin, I love you!

From Julia xo

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to the best Mummy ever, you deserve to be happy always! Love from me, Linda and Jen

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My birthday week has been a m a z i n g. Much better than last year’s and yesterday was one of the reasons why! My best girl mate truly spoiled me with not only dinner but also cake and these wonderful B.A.P related gifts! She knows how much I adore this group and is really happy that I’m going to finally be able to see them in concert, so she’s brought me lots of things that I could possibly wear to the events or just use generally in everyday life. The smile on my face hasn’t disappeared since!

I guess being seven years away from 30 is not so bad after all! :’)

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Hihi, I took this earlier before I went to my Korean language class!

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Ahh, I feel kinda bad and sucky that I wasn’t able to do something in time for Youngjae’s birthday :( but this year, I do plan to donate to charities in the UK in the name of B.A.P and each individual member. I’m going to also try my best and take part in donation projects with B.A.P fanbases :)

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I never thought I would see the day where a snapback would actually suit or fit me! OTL

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I’m meant to be doing 26 pages of homework from this Korean workbook…I have only done two. Woops.

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Here’s a little update of what I’ve been up to lately!

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Beenjint’s Follow Forever 2013~ [PT 2, 3, 4, 5]

Howdy everyone! Sorry for the major delay but I’ve finally found the time to record my follow forever…unfortunately it’s in five parts hahaha, so please bear with me through my rambling and bad jokes! I hope you enjoy watching nonetheless ;~; Thank you so much for staying with me for another year, it’s been crazy but I am thankful for every single one of you! Here’s to another year of fun and fangirling :) Also, for the videos you may want to crank up the volume ;AAAAA;

Here are the people I mentioned (in order): xingmis, kentv, yujongan, mikseogi, submachineguns, dielilyindeutschland, x910321, feels-like-thunder, freakdafunk, blockb-saurus, Weasley93, daebaksavvy, blingtokki, jaejaepapi, xiuhmin, nicolejanine, katiewenchh, path-to-personal-eudaimonia, bouzen, san-param, biasisberrydelicious, aisurumin and Melody tlist/all my followers in general~~

The questions I answered: (cries I think I ramble a lot in my responses for these but they were amazing questions haha)

From Sophie: Biggest achievement of the year? Which book was your favorite that you read this year? Please show us what’s in your bag! What’s your favorite object that you’ve got this year?

From Jacqui: What was your favourite experience of 2013? Was 2013 better than 2012, how so? How do you plan on celebrating the New Year? What are you most looking forward to in 2014? What was your favourite musical moment of 2013?

From Laurel: Talk about why you like hakyeon :D

Have a very, happy new year everyone! ^^

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